Ekon The Cyborg

Ekon The Cyborg 1.0.1

Robotic mayhem in this twin-stick shooter

Ekon The Cyborg is a frenetic shooter game in which you star as a cartoon android with a grudge against pink aliens. View full description


  • Fast, frantic gameplay
  • Lots of upgrades and power-ups
  • Cute, colorful graphics


  • Annoyingly difficult at times


Ekon The Cyborg is a frenetic shooter game in which you star as a cartoon android with a grudge against pink aliens.

Robot wars

The idea of Ekon The Cyborg is to clear each of the 30+ levels of pesky aliens, who come at you from all angles. Armed with a range of powerful guns you need to constantly keep moving, spinning, and shooting to zap the annoying extraterrestrials and avoid their bullets and bombs.

You should pay attention to loot drops and make sure you keep upgrading your weaponry and employing power-ups in order to deal with increasingly powerful enemies as you blast your way through Ekon The Cyborg's levels.

It's not easy, especially in the boss levels where you need good concentration and stamina to attack the bosses and dodge their attacks for minutes on end. In fact, it can be a bit too frustrating at times having to replay levels all the time, or waiting until you have enough coins to buy power-ups or weapon upgrades.

In a spin

The controls in Ekon The Cyborg take some getting used to. The game uses dual-stick controls, where you move with the left joystick and swivel to aim and shoot with the right one. All this moving and spinning feels a bit cumbersome at fiddly at first, and you'll constantly find yourself running into aliens. With some practice, it can be mastered, though.

What I didn't like so much was the fact that you need to reload all the time. I felt the the gameplay was challenging and diverse enough not to have this extra element to contend with.

Cute and colorful

Ekon The Cyborg looks and feels like the old Mega Man games in many ways. The main character looks great, and the backgrounds are solid and varied. The whole thing is very bright and colorful, making it easy on the eye. The aliens themselves are pretty cute, if a bit blocky. They resemble the Minions in Despicable Me, only a darn sight more nasty!

A fun twin-stick shooter

Ekon The Cyborg is a crazy game where the action doesn't stop for a single second. Once you've mastered the twin-stick controls it's hard to put down - although the difficulty level makes it frustrating at times.

Ekon The Cyborg


Ekon The Cyborg 1.0.1